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Considering Philip's status as the Child of the Earth, he is able to call up vast amounts of information that would exist on a normal Earth, albeit with Toei stuff in it. It's basically a normal Earth all things considered.

That being said, filling out this permissions post and indicating if you wish for him to look up anything on your character would be a good idea. Especially since that we can also use the to further plots that require minimal mod involvement or even mod involvement. Up to you.

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Player Name: Shaun
Player Journal: [personal profile] drunkenpandaren
Age: 32
Contact: [ profile] DrSKirk
Characters Played: Gentarou Kisaragi, Ako Shirabe, Lyra Heartstrings EG Pinkie Pie, Flash Sentry (dropping Gentarou and Ako for Philip and Luna)

Name: Philip (Raito Sonozaki)
Canon: Kamen Rider W/Toei Multiverse Franchise
Canon Point: Kamen Rider Showa vs Kamen Rider Heisei War (4 years post-series)

Currently, he is in the 4th wall event reading the contents of Twilight's library. Also he had a bout with the two Twilights and Shotarou.

Personality: Phillip is a curious young man, once formerly tormented by the lack of his past as he had no memory of who his family was beyond brief glimpses. Able to access the knowledge of the world which had been crammed into his head by the Gaia Impact Project, Phillip often reads up on the most mundane of subjects and it becomes a brief but strong obsession. His best friends are Shotarou his partner and Akiko, their manager.

Despite being able to look for knowledge on a nearly infinite scale, his abilities lay in combat as well as memory and knowledge. His curiosity is robust and his ability to socialize with people a bit stunted, but his insatiable thirst for knowledge is high. He’s a bit of a tease when he knows people very well, and often makes fun of Shotarou at times. Getting to know new people is easy for Phillip, but he is quite a bit socially awkward. Combat for him outside of Rider form is very awkward, and he tends to run like the dickens whenever he’s in trouble, stumbling over his own two feet.

At times, whenever Phillip’s mind is transferred, his body winds up in awkward positions, such as his backside stuck in a trash can or lugged around by Akiko or anyone helpful enough to haul an unconscious young man around.

Something that Philip gets into is obsessive levels of focus. When he is busy reading things, he is unshakably intrigued by them. His need to know everything about his subject makes him even harder to shake. He can spend hours if not days on a single subject, if he gets derailed from his constant pursuit of knowledge. His fallacies also include overdoing it to a level that causes several massive faux pas as well as becoming one of those people who have to relearn social graces. In short, his tendency to disregard people's needs can be Twilight Sparkle Season 1 Episode 1. That bad.

However he is a kind young man, and has learned social graces over the years. With the various situations that he and Shotarou have been in, there is nothing they can't accomplish. Recently he has learned to fight on his own, with the Lost Driver and Cyclone Memory, creating Kamen Rider Cyclone as well as participating in the Heisei vs Showa Rider War.

Strengths: Philip is smart, being the Child of the Earth. He is able to read up on anything, provided he has the right keywords to plug into the Gaia Library, like a google function. He is literally a living google database combined with a supercomputer and wikipedia. He is also able to function in combat by himself as well as with a partner in a tandem fighting style sharing one body. He has an unparalleled ability to information crunch in a extremely short amount of time. Also, as the Child of the Earth, he has unparalleled access to modern day information, from mundane data to the most obscure of history and media. Nothing is safe or blocked off from him unless there's some kind of reason for it.

Weaknesses: Philip finds himself losing himself often in research, his social graces are not that great either. He can obsessively forget to eat and drink and sleep while buried in research. His mind is only as sharp as he has something to focus on. He is also without Shotarou and Akiko, his two major sources of family (unless they are apped) and he considers family a strength, but something he is terribly weak against. Physically he's more frail than Shotarou and prefers to flee than fight. He can also potentially go out of control if using the Fang Memory as his primary transformation device as it is meant to protect him, and can get wild when that happens.

Possessions: W Driver (bonded to his body, it appears when Shotarou activates his), Lost Driver, Gaia Memories Fang, Cyclone, Luna, Heat. Clothing, leather bound blank book.

Pony/Animal Type: Unicorn Pony

Cutie Mark: Blue globe of the earth.

Pony Picture:

First Person: (4th wall post)
Third Person: Philip flipped through the pages, hoping to gain some information he had missed, some scrap of info that had yet to be seen. He had heard a lot about Starswirl and all of the other situations at hand, and yet he was ready for more information. The Canterlot Library was a looming prospect, but with all of the interruptions over the week he had been delayed considerably. Those scrolls were very much a wonderful thing for him to socialize on, since Philip had discovered twitter a year ago and read every single tweet known to man.

"How interesting," said Philip, closing the book. "I wonder if I can gain full access to the library now. There is enough to go about after all."

He smiled as he picked up the phone and dialled it in. "Shotarou, I have finished here. Come pick me up, we'll head to Canterlot immediately."

No reception. And then Philip sighed as he repeated himself on the scrolls. Hopefully whatever phenomenon had taken them there, had yet to change his outlook.

He never noticed he had turned into a pony in the last four hours.


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